Nub! This week, the guys go deep on Alex's Germany trip, monk tour riders, and Britney reaction videos. Plus, the answer to an important question:

How does one shit while wearing a cape?

The answer may surprise you.

It's another one! The guys continue their recap of the past three years, discussing such highbrow topics as Walmart cruises, Target bathrooms, crazy ladies with Chewbacca masks they may have bought at Walmart or Target, and so much more. Put it in your ears!



Whoa hey, it's the triumphant return of Grab the Nub! From the new studio, the guys discuss their adventures in improv, bad Twitter follows, and Kevin's move back to the Tampa area. Put it in your ears!

Brazuca Joe


Nelson Mandela! Meat Gravy! Soccer balls! Mail Sack! Grab the Nub!

Kevin’s brother Casey stops by to help the guys answer some listener questions in the long-awaited return of the Mail Sack! Plus, the latest on the continuing saga of Anthony Weiner, and Alex tells an uplifting story about varicose veins. Bon Appetit!

Vag Of Honor


In this all-new episode, Alex talks about his latest stroke of genius: "Volcano Virgins". Plus, the guys give their thoughts on the George Zimmerman trial and hypothetical Amazing Race challenges. Grab it!

Man Down


Listen in to hear all about Pickle Trip 2013! Alex dances, Kevin is a dick, and Jeff is Jeff. Enjoy!



Check us out for a not-really-live recap of the Golden Globes! Plus, Jeff's Facebook profile and Disney grief counseling.

Still back from London! Hear more about the adventure straight from the horse's ass!

Back from London! Hear all about the adventure straight from the horse's ass!

Grab the Nub with Alex and Kevin
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